Thorne in Cape Town

Thorne is an innovative building, maintenance & burglarproofing company centered on efficiency & client satisfaction. We provide a multitude of building & home maintenance solutions while also offering an exciting new product: InvisiBars, at highly competitive rates. InvisiBars is an elegant answer to burglarproofing. Completely transparent, they are durable, impenetrable & protect your beautiful views & chosen decor.Thorne is a socially ethical company, and builds workers from the bottom up. We are black-owned, customer-centered & tired of standard building & construction business practice! Our database of employees & contractors all come with excellent references & years of experience. Call us today to find out more about our exciting & affordable residential products!
  • Building

    We provide building services ranging from small projects to large renovations. We offer experienced contractors with excellent references & provide regular feedback to clients regarding project progression. We do (among other things): renovations, facades, home building, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, exterior walls, roofing, paving, glazing.
  • Home Maintenance

    Our maintenance teams are all experienced & come with excellent references. We provide the following maintenance solutions: cleaning, gardening, painting, tiling, electric work, carpentry, paving, painting, roof cleaning, plumbing & more.
  • InvisiBars - Transparent Burglar Bars

    Tried & tested! Our transparent burglar bars are made from powerful material & are a safe, efficient & elegant answer to burglarproofing. They protect your fantastic views while also protecting your home. They also fit in well with any room decor.



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