The 21st Century Relationship in cape town

We do a number of workshops (personal, work, corporate, marriage, etc.) They are all designed to help one understand the influences of the 21st Century on one's relationships both at home, and at work. We aid men and women to construct healthy personal and work relationships.Our marriage preparation workshops have three sections: The Psychology (communication, conflict resolution, etc.), The Finances (financial planning, budgeting, etc.) and The Legal considerations (marriage contracts, family law, retirement, etc.)
  • Relationship workshops

    The Relationship Plan: A 21st Century Relationship workshop for couples planning a life togetherPersonal Development Workshops: Release yourself, Anatomy of anger, Skills for parents, skills for women, Midlofe, etc.Corporate Workshops: Midlife in BusinessArchetypal BrandingBuilding Creative TeamsIntroduction to Coaching for Lifestyle Change for health care practitionersPractical Emotional Processing Skills in the WorkplaceLeadership Skills DevelopmentHandling Life Changes while continuing to work, etc


The 21st Century Relationship

relationship workshops