Supersafe Systems Cape cc in Cape Town

Supersafe Systems Cape cc was established in 1998. Manufacturers, suppliers and installers of a variety of anti-slip products for slippery pedestrian traffic areas - stairwells, landings, walkways, ramps, bridges, ladders and entrances. Our products are slip resistant in most adverse conditions, such as water, grease, fat, oil, dust and powders.
  • Anti-slip Stair Treads/Nosings

    Ideal for any size stairwell - brick, concrete, steel or woodManufactured:On galvanised or stainless steelWith coarse, medium or fine gritIn colours black, brown, grey or yellowWithout or with reflective tape on the top and lip or top only or lip onlyWithout or with luminescent tapeSHOCK RESISTANT *** ANTI STATIC *** DURABLE *** EASY TO INSTALL


Supersafe Systems Cape cc

anti-slip stair treads/nosings