Supersafe Systems Cape cc in Cape Town

Supersafe Systems Cape cc was established in 1998. Manufacturers, suppliers and installers of a variety of non-slip products for slippery pedestrian traffic areas - stairwells, landings, walkways, ramps, bridges, ladders and entrances. Our products are slip resistant in most adverse conditions, such as water, grease, fat, oil, dust and powders.
  • Non-Slip Stair Treads/Nosings

    Ideal for any size stairwell brick, concrete, steel or woodManufactured:-On galvanised or stainless steel-With coarse, medium or fine grit-In colours black, brown, grey or yellow-Without or with reflective tape on the top and lip or top only or lip only-Without or with luminescent tapeSHOCK RESISTANT *** NON STATIC *** DURABLE *** EASY TO INSTALL


Supersafe Systems Cape cc

non-slip stair treads/nosings