Sugar and Spice Nanny Training in Cape Town

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training offers a range of courses for Domestic Workers. Our primary focus is on empowering Domestic Workers working in family homes as nannies and house keepers with all the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence they need to take care of children from birth upwards.Our nanny training course has been running since January 2003 and in this time we have empowered nearly 900 nannies to take care of and stimulate young children they love and are responsible for - both at work and in their communities.We believe that domestic workers play a valuable role in the lives of our children. We teach them to understand how significant this role is - not only are they accountable for the well being of the child but they are also responsible for its growth and development.The course content includes:•Routines and time management •First Aid, including CPR and Mouth to Mouth •Childproofing your home and safety indoors and outdoors •Hygiene best practices•Avoiding the transmission of HIV and TB •Nutrition and Menu Planning •Developmental Milestones and age appropriate games and activities •Baby MassageIn addition to our nanny training course, we offer four supporting short courses.Kidsplay workshops giving nannies new and creative ideas for play and fun time with the children they care for.Nanny “Positive parenting” giving your nanny a deep understanding of the impact she has on your child's emotional life and self esteemCooking Courses teaching domestic workers, housekeepers and nannies how to prepare food that is easy, nutritious and delicious for the whole family. Housekeeping teaching effective house cleaning techniques and addresses the need for reducing the use of resources from human time, precious water and power to! Sugar and Spice Nanny Training offers courses the Greater Cape Town area (Greenpoint, Claremont, Noordhoek and Panorama) and Randburg, Pretoria and George and we are looking to expand.
  • Nanny Training

    Give your domestic worker all the essential childcare skills, knowledge and confidence she needs to care for your baby. Including First Aid, Safety, Hygiene, Nutrition, Games and Activities. Nanny training offered in Cape Town and Gauteng.
  • First Aid Training

    Our First Aid training forms one of the core modules we teach in our nanny training course. Nannies learn how to deal with emergencies in the home including CPR, Mouth to mouth, burns, bruising, cuts, fever management etc.
  • Cooking course

    Our domestic worker cooking courses teach nannies how to prepare healthy, simple foods for children. Choose from Pasta dishes, Chicken dishes or simple favourites like bangers and mash.
  • Kidsplay Workshop

    Our kidsplay workshop teaches nannies a few creative ideas for activities to do with toddlers including making playdough, painting, mixing colours and sticking activities. We run these quarterly in Cape Town.
  • Housekeeping

    We offer on site housekeeping training in Cape Town. Teaching how to manage the cleaning , laundry and special requirements in your home. We also offer cleaning workshops in Gauteng.


Sugar and Spice Nanny Training

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