Solarstar in Cape Town

Solarstar energy savers

Electricity cant kill when we are around. We sell and install premium solar water heating flat plate collectors with the highest Q factor in the South African market as well as Evacuated tube technology with rebated systems all the way up to 300 Litre systems and bigger commercial projects at customized designs.

Solarstar offers a strict company ethos while our competition is out there with substandard installations and thus creating a bad name for the market. To enforce a positive trend, Solarstar initiated the code of conduct to co-operate with all entities who have congruent objectives, notably the National Regulator for Compulsory specifications (NRCS) and the South African Bureau of standards (SABS).

SAVE R6325 per Year!

Solar provides a 70% yearly contribution

Installations for SWH will comply with safety regulations and Solarstar will see that our clients are happy with the job.

Outmatched service and product selection on the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme.

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  • solar water heating

    We specialise in Solar Water Heating but also do pool heating, LED installations and heat pumps with no headaces.

    • solar water heating
    • solar water heating
    • solar water heating
    • solar water heating
  • solar water heating

    affordable and top quality solar systems for domestic homes


solar water heating