Simply Energetic in Cape Town

Simply Energetic offers a full spectrum of Holistic & Alternative therapies for helping the Mind, Body & Soul, treating both the Physical & Energetic layers for Harmony & Balance. Susan Harris Jones of Simply Energetic has been researching the various modalities of healing for a number of years, recognising the common denominators that bring them together. Through this extensive study, Susan Harris Jones had gained insight to be able to facilitate and assist those looking for help in this regard. Simply Energetic believes the adage that understanding is the key... as Total Wellbeing is not only a medical condition but should be a way of life!
  • Energetic Healing

    Are you tired of feeling out of sorts for no particular reason?Strengthen your Energetic & Immune System and increase your vitality for everyday living
  • Chakra Gems

    Do you wish to know which Chakra is using the majority of energy and governing your reactions?


Simply Energetic

energetic healing chakra gems