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Simply Colossal eStrategy Consulting provides business owners who are curious but uncomfortable with the Internet with the necessary support, advice, and tools to make informed decisions about their websites.WE will assist you in creating and analysing your business and target market and provide you with a detailed eStrategy Plan. We provide small businesses with a range of workshops and packages that will help them create affordable but strategic websites that will assist in attaining business goals.
  • eStrategy marketing plans

    We provide you with a marketing plan that will help you analyse your business and your current and future marketing position. We will also assist you in analysing your products and provide you with an analysis of your product and where your marketing focus should be. We will help you analyse your customers and help you create ideas of how to attain or maintain your client base.We wil finally sit with you and discuss a proposed finacial plan based on your ideas and how much should be used for eStrategy. You will leave knowing where you want to be and we have an array of products and services that will assist you.


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estrategy marketing plans