Shelf Company Warehouse in Cape Town

We are regarded as industry leaders in company registration, focused on delivering a great registration experience. "Good Company to Keep" Shelf Company Warehouse registers by far the most companiesin South Africa, with 87 staff members and 12 branches nationwide. We have been rated the top CIPRO and CIPC agent every year since 1998 and are the preferred service provider for leading SouthAfrican Banks, Public Companies, Attorneys, Auditors, accounting professionals and members of the public. Our directors and associates are qualified Attorneys, Auditors, Master Tax Practitioners andLegal Advisors. We offer a level of expertise unrivaled in our field. "Company Registration" We register companies, both private and public as well as Non Profit Companies. We also draft customMemorandums of Association for Home Owners Associations and Share Block Companies, incorporating the Share Block Control Act and Property Time Sharing Control Act, if applicable. All companyregistrations require the physical submission of documentation with CIPC in Pretoria. With our corporate headquarters in Pretoria in close proximity to CIPC, and 12 branches linked electronically, weare able to process and lodge company registrations immediately and on an industrial scale. We also have 2 staff members permanently in attendance at CIPC to monitor our registrations.
  • Services List

    AMENDMENTS TO CLOSE CORPORATIONS, Member change, Name change (including change of members and principal business, if necessary), Change of registered address and/or accounting officer, Conversion from Company to CC, Conversion from Company to CC (trust as member/s), Conversion from CC to Company (name remains the same), Conversion from CC to Company (name changes), COMPANIES, Shelf Company (Private and Public), Shelf Section 21 Company, Vat and tax registered Shelf Company, with reserved bank account, Company registration (private and public with share capital R1,000 and 1 - 7 directors/shareholers), Premium Package (Company registration with reserved bank account, VAT and tax registration), Section 21 Company, Incorporated Company, External Company, AMENDMENTS TO COMPANIES, Change of name (and principal business if required), Increase of share capital (add R5,00 for every R1,000 increase of share capital), Conversion from private to public company (add R50.00 if name changes), Conversion from public to private company (includes advertisement in Government Gazette), Conversion from (Pty) Ltd company to Incorporated company, Conversion to Share Block Company, Change of directors, Change of registered address, Change of auditors, Change of year end, , REGISTRATION OF CO-OPERATIVES, COMBINED COMPANY SHARE REGISTER AND MINUTE BOOK

  • Shelf Companies

    We sell shelf companies for R665.00. Our shelf companies all come with reserved FNB Bank accounts.
  • Company registration

    We register private companies, public companies, share block companies, external companies and NPC companies.

  • Shelf NPC Companies

    We sell Shelf NPC Companies.

  • COR39 - Change of Directors, address and Name Change

    As a Registered Cipro agent, Shelf Company Warehouse can register the change of directors in a day. We do the registrations electronically and you bank will be able to verify your appointment when opening a bank account.


Shelf Company Warehouse

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