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We educate and mentor private clients on how to invest directly on the financial markets. It will enable you to either invest or trade the shares market and give you a well rounded understanding in wealth creation.

  • Equity Trading Course

    This seminar is deigned to acquire a thorough understanding of the Share Market. This seminar will give you a clear grasp of what is involved in investing and planning for your future.
  • TrendnTrade Workkshop

    A seminar to fully understand and practice on your TrendnTrade to know all the benefits of the software.
  • Technical Analysis Seminar

    This is a study of prices and volumes in actively traded free market systems such as the stock market. It determines the optimum time to buy and sell shares as opposed to the intrinsic value of the shares.
  • Equity Trading Strategy

    This seminar will provide you with a professional trading plan that suits your own individual style. This trading plan will ensure you are more focused, your trades will be automated and you will make fewer mistakes, which means greater profitability.
  • Derivatives

    DER: This seminar will enable you to start to diversify your long term portfolio into a short tem portfolio, with all the different types of short term instruments in the market.STS: Share Direct has the pleasure of presenting a practical workshop on strategies trading the a 3-5 day trading system on Individual Equity Futures on Shares.
  • Intraday Mentorship

    Using a mentorship program to take the confusion out of trading is an exceptionally profitable and beneficial experience. This programme is designed to assist you to developed strategies, implement discipline and formed relationships with other traders over two months to last you a lifetime
  • Peak Performance Seminar

    “You will leave the investment workshop knowing for the first time, why some people consistently make profits over and over again, while other traders are erratic and unsuccessful. You’ll be able to overcome self-sabotage and develop solid disciplines in your actions in the markets.” Dr David Paul
  • Forex Trading Seminar

    The contents of this seminar are as follow, the structure of the forex markets, trading psychology, a trading plan and money management. You will be able to become a Day trader, making money out of the comfort of your own home.
  • TrendnTrade Technical & Fundamental Analysis Software

    As an educated investor you need a technical & fundamental analysis tool flexible enough to adapt to your trading style and quickly complete a wide range of tasks. TrendnTrade does that and much more! It is the best technical and fundamental analysis software on the market.


Share Direct Cape Town

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