Rotafurn in Cape Town

Rota Furniture is manufactured in the East out of exotic Eucalyptus hardwood found in and exported from South Africa by our sister company, AWC. The international quality standards adhered to by the manufacturing factories, together with the density and durability of the wood (950 – 1100kg/m³), combine to provide you with a high quality product that will give you many years of pleasure. Harvesting of the timber from which your Rota furniture is made is generally beneficial to the environment as the trees are classified as invasive aliens under existing environmental legislation. Through their rapacious appetite for water, these aliens displace indigenous ecosystems and severely impact water resources. Thus, the “Return of the Aliens” in the form of fine furniture has both given the tree a far more honorable reputation and presented you with a role in contributing to the improvement of the environment!

  • Rotafurn

    Hardwood Outdoor Furniture. Patio Furniture. Products ranging from benches to tables to chairs, bar tables and sun loungers. Beautifully crafted out of high quality, dense and tightly grained Eucalyptus Hardwood