Roofing Insulation Cape Town in Cape Town

Roof insulation has become compulsory as of January 2013 in accordance with the new SANS regulations; the new SANS regulations put in place have made it compulsory to use certain types of insulationand to achieve the specific R value for that specific region. Aerolite insulation & Isotherm insulation installed in your ceiling will help you save energy and as we all know in South Aricaenergy is expensive. South Africa's mounting energy crisis means that we need to save electricity in our homes and it is a known fact that buildings in South Arica typically account for 40% of allenergy consumed. Thermal insulation must be included in the design of all new buildings. This, in combination with energy saving techniques, makes it possible to save up to 78% of a building's energyconsumption for space heating, cooling and hot water services. The application of this new regulation is good news for the environment and will help you save electricity. By insulating your home youwill be able to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the year, costing you less long term and ensuring comfort for your family. Contact Roofing Insulation Cape Town now for all yourRoofing Insulation Cape Town Needs.


Roofing Insulation Cape Town
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