Purozone in Cape Town

Established in 2005, Purozone is well known for environmentally friendly water purification solutions. We pride ourselves in our vast range of water purification equipment and supplying directly tothe industry, as well as the end user.
Water Equipment
  • Water Purification

    * Chemical Dosing Pumps * Venturi Injectors * Manufacture of Ozone Generators * Ozone and Activated Oxygen Producing UV Lamps * Self Cleaning Automatic Filters * High Performance Oiless Piston AirPumps * Side Channel Blowers * Fine Bubble Aeration diffuser Discs * Variable Speed Drives * Water Filtration Media * FRP Fiberglass Media Vessels * Automatic Filter Valves * Chemicals *Electromagnetic Flow Meters * Water Flow Rotameters * Float-less Tank Filling Valves * Magnetic Water Conditioners * Electro-Chemical Oxidizers
  • Ozone and UV Generators

    Manufacture of Ozone Generators;UV Sterilization;Air Purification


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