PARK-MEDIA in Cape Town

In an age where technology is easily accessible, and technical service providers are becoming common, the market demands the services of a company which is reliable, efficient and quality conscious. PARK-MEDIA combines all of these qualities together with 30 years experience in the industry, and state of the art equipment to bring you an audio visual experience with no compromise. Our services include: Audio, Lighting, Staging, AV, Power, Post Production, Communications & Event Technical Management.

  • Sound Systems

    Indoor and outdoor, small and large scale PA Systems for CConferences, Bands, Concerts, Meetings and Festivals. Passive speakers, Active Speakers, Line Array and Distributed systems.
  • Lighting

    Stage and decor lighting. Full DMX automation, Intelligent lights, scanners, Moving heads, LED Lighting, etc.
  • AV Hire - Plasma & Projection Screens

    Plasma screens, Big Screen Projection systems, LED outdoor screens.
  • Event Power & Generators

    2.6KVA - 60KVA Generators and Power distro sytems.
  • Production House - Recording & Production Studio

    Fully Digital State of the art recording facilites - at events or in custom built studio.
  • Staging

    Fully certified, industry standard stages and trusses.



sound systems lighting av hire - plasma & projection screens event power & generators production house - recording & production studio staging