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Getting a security company to protect yourself or your premises has never been easier, Nzacksi Security Services and its partners provides Grade E to A male and female security officers for the following range of services to all nine provinces of the Republic:Investigative Services and Information GatheringSecurity Guards / OfficersProfessional Undercover Operatives and Surveillance Bodyguard Services Vulnerability Assessments and Security SurveysArmed ResponseCash ManagementAlarm Response and KeyholdingMobile PatrolsOur guarding division specializes in the following areasManufacturing & Industrial Financial Institutions Office BuildingsResidential AreasRetail Colleges & UniversitiesDistribution FacilitiesWe also provide the following products:Security gates and fencesArms and ammunitionVehicle and Home burglar alarmsPersonal safety items such as pepper sprays and stun GunsCCTV productsAutomated garage doors and gatesElectric fencingPlease visit for more information.Nzacksi Security Services" Your security is our concern "
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    We provide Grade E to A security officers for clients looking for the following: Thoroughly screened, well-trained officers Small company responsiveness, supported by large company resources Lower total security costs through more effective security program designs Lower security officer turnover Remote 24/7 monitoring of fulfillment and relief of every post, every shift Error-free payroll processing
  • Investigation services

    NSS offers an extensive range of confidential investigative services. If you need any investigative function stated here, please contact us. We offer a free consultation to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss which services best meet your particular circumstance. From surveillance to interviews to security, NSS is your professional investigative advantage. Criminal Investigations Over the years NSS has investigated countless situations involving defendants from all walks of life. On many occasions our investigation has proven instrumental in the outcome of the case at trial, including the acquittal of a high percentage of the criminal defendants. Over the years we have worked closely with many of leading criminal lawyers and law firms. The combination of our background research services, interview/interrogation techniques and highly developed ability to penetrate even the toughest of neighborhoods, allows us to obtain decisive and often vital results. Civil Investigations Civil and Domestic Investigations require unqualified care and delicacy, skills at which NSS team members excel. View Domestic Investigations below for details about NSS skills and experience. Due diligence Thorough research and background checks constitute successful due diligence in the administration of cases. Pre-employment services below and their requisite checks describe in detail the high level of care you can depend upon from NSS. Insurance Investigations NSS specialises in the investigation of insurance claims, including workers' compensation, auto fraud, liability, personal injury, homeowners', death, and medical malpractice claims. In the course of our specialized investigations, we provide to the insurance industry high quality, cost effective surveillance, video documentation, signed and recorded statements, multi-national translators, skip-trace services and complete background research. NSS is an approved vendor for many of the nation's leading insurance carriers, attorneys and related state offices. We regularly provide activity checks, surveillance, in-depth background checks, and complete claimant file review. Many of our assignments have been instrumental in reducing, and in some cases denying, claimants' rewards. Pre-employment Investigations and other Background Checks We regularly provide our corporate clientele with pre-employment screenings and background checks which search a candidate's history for any judgements, liens or involvement with litigation of any kind, civil or criminal. The search also provides clients with the applicable releases, drivers' license information and driving history, as well as information pertaining to the candidate's credit worthiness. We also check the candidate's references and prior employment for overall character and reputation. The resulting information is promptly provided in a confidential written report . The Standard NSS Background Check includes: Confidential Source Verification Database Resources National Civil, Criminal & Tax Liens Check State Court & Bankruptcy Check Town/City Hall Information Business Associations We also offer an In-depth Background Investigation which may be more specific to the prospective client's needs and includes: Neighborhood Canvass Neighborhood Demographic Prior Employment Check Military Records Check Real Property Records Trace Title Searches Local (District) Court Checks Police Reports Extended Driving Records Nation-Wide Criminal Checks Corporate Services offered Corporate clients include Pre-employment Screening, Executive Protection, and Surveillance, to name only a few. Domestic Investigations Whether your concerns involve divorce, child custody, or pre-nuptial issues, these matters can often be extremely stressful. NSS is there for you in these most demanding times to provide the evidence that is needed. Regularly employed by attorneys to secure information not easily discerned, we have worked on high profile investigations where securing difficult statements and essential surveillance documentation was pertinent to a successful outcome. Asset and Recovery Our team of licensed private investigators offers many years of experience conducting difficult locates and investigations. No skip is unfindable. Our investigators utilise the latest technologies and databases to resolve all accounts. Charities You or your company may need to verify a charity for corporate or private contributions. NSS can subtly and confidentially acquire background information on associations and their leadership to assure thoughtful investment for you or your firm's funds. Legal Investigations Over the years NSS has worked closely with many leading criminal lawyers and law firms. Hedge Fund Investigations NSS is pleased to introduce our services for hedge fund companies. We specialise in expert due diligence and background investigation of potential future investments for hedge funds. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most pertinent information prior to making important financial investments. We offer various investigative services that can guide you in investment decision-making and hiring processes. In today’s volatile marketplace, it is imperative to have a reputable company on your team. We at NSS would be privileged to add your company to our list of satisfied customers.
  • undercover operatives

    NSS provides specially trained undercover operatives that can work discreetly to ascertain information concerning problems in the work place to include:Theft Substance Abuse General Intelligence Workplace Violations Fraud Often time’s management of a company has a suspicion or feeling that something is not right in the work place or concerned with employee behavior. An undercover operative used correctly can determine if there is reason for concern or not. NSS undercover investigators are specially trained to fit into any business environment and unearth the proper information or evidence needed to stop criminal activity in the workplace. Our operatives will provide you with the intelligence needed to address a specific problem or confirm that your concerns were unfounded. Our agents will provide management with timely written reports to keep you informed as to what has been discovered and we will advise you as to what course of action should be taken based on information gathered.
  • bodyguard services

    NSS, has a very professional and dedicated security management team, providing nationwide proactive advice 24 hours a day and distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various walks of life. These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experience and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations, counter terrorist and turnkey defence solutions. As a general rule, we use a military setting for our bodyguarding service. NSS operates by its own core values of excellence, efficiency, execution, and teamwork. In doing this, we are able to provide a highly responsive, cost-effective means of positively tilting the strategic balance in support of security, freedom and peace everywhere. We are not just any "private security" company. NSS is an extremely professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, defence logistics and stability operations organisation who provide turnkey solutions and strategies. One lesson the company has learnt from the Japanese is the philosophy of Kaisen, the spirit of continual improvement which we have adopted as one of our policies and is reflected in every thing the company embarks on. This in itself drives us on to continually strive to improve our training, our services, our efficiency, and value for money for our clients.
  • vulnerability/security assessment

    Organisations have a tremendous opportunity to use information technologies to increase their productivity. Securing information and communications systems will be a necessary factor in taking advantage of all this increased connectivity, speed and information. However, no security measure will guarantee a risk free environment in which to operate. In fact, many organizations will need to provide easier access by users to portions of their information systems and or premises, thereby increasing potential exposure. Administrative error, for example, is a primary cause of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a novice criminal, whether an outsider or insider in the organization. Routine use of vulnerability assessment tools along with immediate response to problems identified will alleviate this risk. It follows, therefore, that routine vulnerability assessment should be a standard element of every organization's security policy. Our Vulnerability Assessment Survey has been designed to allow organizations to build up their crisis management capability. Its purpose is to help answer the question: "How secure is your organization's information, assets, resources and personnel?" These crucial questions emerge over and over as one of the highest priorities in an organization. Our Survey allows the organization to develop their crisis planning capability by:Detailing the vulnerabilities of the organization Developing response plans and procedures Improving capability of crisis management teams
  • armed response

    The NSS Armed Response Teams provide an immediate armed response for businesses and homeowners. When your burglar alarm goes off, our monitoring center despatches one of our highly-trained veteran officers who immediately responds to your alarm. Our officer personally inspects the entire perimeter of your home or office. If there has been an intrusion, our officer secures the premises, calls the police, and detains any suspects until the police arrive. After our officer finishes inspecting your premises, he calls our alarm monitoring station to tell them the area is now secured. Our officer then completes a full incident report. Our service eliminates the need for you to get up in the middle of the night to check your alarm — and the liability and danger of having your employees or family members respond to your alarm.


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