ninety9cents in Cape Town

Many advertising agencies have many different ways of doing things. Many of them work and many of them work as well as ours. The ninety9cents way of doing things is therefore not necessarily the only way of doing things but it works for us, and we’re pretty sure that it will work for our clients too. The nintey9cents way is to be remarkable.

  • TV Campaigns

    At ninety9cents we believe in making ads that people will talk about but that doesn't mean we give up the fact that a commercial has to sell something.
  • Radio Ads

    Radio is out and out the furthest-reaching medium on our continent. It's also the one opportunity you get to interact with a consumer on a one-on-one basis. You get to sit with him on his way to work. Chat with her at the kitchen table while she is preparing dinner, and so forth. Better make it good. Better be remarkable.
  • Print Ads

    The medium of print is an intimate one. Any advertiser has to find that delicate balance between recognizing that he is in an environment that was specifically chosen by the consumer while remaining true to the brand being advertised. We try to make our ads an island of information that is as intriguing as the facing page.



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