Mr. Power in Cape Town

We manufacture , sell and install energy saving devices. Our focus is helping the small business and homeowner reduce their electricity consumption. We supply a simple but effective geyser controller which has been given the stamp of approval by Eskom and we also manufacture single and three phase Power Factor Correction devices.
  • Energy Saving

    Power Factor Correction is a way of reducing Inductive loads caused by anything driven by a motor-using capacitors to do this we will dramatically reduce the electricity bill of a small business. Savings of between R1000 and R2000 per month are frequently achieved.Our other product is called a geyser controller-unlike a straigtforward timer, this device also detects current so when the thermostat temperature is reached--the balance of the time period is cancelled thereby saving you heating water that was not necessary in the first place. Expect a 20% saving using our Power Factor Correction AND Geyser Controller devices together.


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