MNA Consulting in Cape Town

Management & Performance consulting, OD, HR, Skills development & Training, HR Development & Training Recruitment, Special Interest:Leadership development, Team effectiveness interventions, Strategic Planning services.

  • Skills development facilitation

    Help companies to strategically align and plan their development actions. Conduct training needs analysis. Assist in meeting the requirements of the SETA to enablecompany to maximise grant funding for training (Including but not limited to WSP & ATR)Set up training committee. Maximise access to discretionary funding to augment the reach of the companies development actions. Plan, Design and deliver training on a customised basis.

  • Recruitment

    For client companies customised recruitment and head hunting is done. The benefits are a detailed insight into company functioning and team composition. The service is thus custom fit.
  • Performance Consulting

    Help companies and organisations in the assessment and identification of performance obstacles adn develop strategies and interventions aimed at optimising performance
  • HR

    Employment contracts, .Policy development and implementation.Performance management design and implmentation.Legal Compliance.Conflict management.Succession & Employment Equity planning,
  • Team Effectiveness Interventions

    Using customised processes to optimise team effectivenes. Tools include 360 team impact drivers assessment. Individual profileExperiential learning methodology.Personal and team growth and development planning.Follow up and measurement
  • Strategic Planning

    Faciltiate Strategic planning for companies and provide supportive follow through to assure realisation of objectives
  • Business Networking

    Watch this new development.An opportunity to meet with other business people and learn through systematic needs based inputs at our network workshops and seminars


MNA Consulting
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