Michelle Clarke Coaching in Cape Town

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Michelle Clarke is an executive and business coach who works locally, nationally and internationally with already-successful, high-achieving individuals and teams, coaching her clients to sustain their value proposition – not only professionally, but also holistically.

  • Executive Coaching

    Based on international best-practice, Michelle's typical executive coaching program is a 6 Step approach; (1) Step 1: Stake-holder meeting, defining the organizations goals for coaching (2) Step 2: Client and Coach Rapport building meeting (3) Step 3: Assessment and Data Collection phase (4) Step 4: Client and Coach; feedback on assessment/data and action planning meeting (5) Step 5: Confidential one-on-one coaching meetings held via a combination of face-to-face, telephone, skype and webinar/video conferencing. (6) Step 6: Final assessment, measurement and Feedback.


Michelle Clarke Coaching

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