Maskam Water in Cape Town

We are importers and distributors of Drainage and de-watering equipment Pumps and controls: All types Variable speed drives Sewer lifting stations Sewer treatment: Package plants and commercial use Water purification systems Swimming pool water treatment equipment � no chemicals needed Water feature equipment Floating fountain pumps Solar / DC pumps: Drainage, Backup pumps, centrifugal end suction (incl. high temperature)

  • Fusion Sewer Treatement System

    Can service 1-100 persons.Outflow water good for irrigation.No sludge build-up.Automatic backwash,automatic re-seeding.Underground installation.Easily incorporated into building architecture.Serviced every 6 months.No routine cleaning needed.Lifetime warrenty on filter material.Low power consumption & noise factor.Easy installation.Low maintenance.Alarm panel - self monitoring.Excellent reduction of COD, TSS & Ammonia.Available in Solar / DC power.
  • Fountain pumps

    This is the ideal pump for bigger landscapes such as private residential ponds, apartment complexes, city parks and golf courses. It creates a very nice feature while it aerates the water. This pump can deliver a water jet between 4m and 12m high with very low power consumption. Easily interchangeable nozzles to achieve three different spray patterns. Additional light kit to "light up the night" with 3 colours to choose from: red, green and blue.
  • Qwik Jon Ultima by Zoeller USA. Basement toilet - Brand new in South Africa

    You can now have a toilet in the basement of a building thanks to this innovative system what will shred all the solids and pump your sewer up to the pipe line, up to 6m high. The Qwik Jon Ultima can be installed just about anywhere and is an economical sewage system designed for freestanding or built in installation. No need to destroy concrete floors. No need to elevate floors. It is designed to accommodate a toilet, lavatory, washing basin and a bathtub and or a shower. It is perfect for basements, cabins, workshops, garages, pool houses etc. It reduces construction costs and it pumps in any direction.
  • Solar Surface Water Pumps

    Made in the USA. Run pump directly off PV Array (Solar Panels), no batteries, inverters or controllers neccessary! Ultra-Efficient. Use one-third to one-half less energy than conventional AC pumps! Long-Lasting with simple, regular maintenance, pumps consistently last for 25 years! Numerous Performance Levels. Flow rates from 1.9 - 265 litres per minute. Push water as high as 305 vertical meters! Low, Simple Maintenance. Solar Pumps have been used for water purification, remote water supply, irrigation, livestock watering, pressurization, medical clinics, and many more applications.
  • Agents Wanted

    Makam Water is an importer and distributer of various water related products. For most of these systems or items we have the sole importing rights to Africa while some manufacturers gave us sole rights for the SADC countries. The company uses a series of accredited agents to distribute, sell, install and maintain these products.We are currently looking to appoint one agent per town in South Africa. The agents are expected to sell, install and service these products in their respective areas. Applying Agents should therefore have experience and a great service record in the water industry, eg. Irrigation or landscaping.If you are interested in becoming an agent for Maskam Water, please contact Dawie at 072 919 6108 or email us at: for more information.


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