Logo Pens in Cape Town

Logo Pens is a marketing and promotions company. Promotional pens, printed pens and branded pens are great marketing tools and reasonably priced. You can choose from cheap, but funky plastic promotional pens to smart corporate gift Parker pens or Waterman pens. We supply all kinds of office stationery and branded promotional stationery like highlighters, markers, desk pens, and eco friendly pens. We supply these pens to any location in South Africa.
  • Corporate Gift Parker Pens South Africa

    We supply Parker pen, gift Parker pens and engraved Parker pens in South Africa.Parker pens are a symbol of excellence. When you brand a product with your name, make sure you're creating a lasting impression. With Parker, you can be confident that you are associating with names that already carry the status you want to convey.We stock the Parker IM, Parker Jotter, Parker Duofold, Parker Premium, Parker Sonnet, Parker Frontier, Parker 45, Parker Urban, Parker Slinger, Parker Contact and more.
  • BIC Promotional Pens and Branded Pens

    A bic pen with logo and branded bic pen is a great promo pen gift idea. We are a pen supplier of Bic pens South Africa.These promotional pens and branded pens make great promotional products for marketing your business.We stock the BIC Stic, BIC stic pound, Bic media clic, Bic pivo clip, Bic solis, Bic grip roller, Bic gel pens and more.


Logo Pens

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