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Growing your business by using technologies and tailor-made strategies such as Web design, Web development, Branding, IT Infrastructure and Web hosting
  • Web Development

    Online business systems can save you loads of time, money and headaches by streamlining your business processes. These systems are developed around the operational processes and administrative needs of your business. Essentially it is a combination of online business management tools that function as the operational heart of any business.Liquid Edge develops business systems that aim to serve your specific needs, thereby strengthening your operational platform and promoting business growth. Finally you can invest your time and undivided attention to your core business.
  • Branding

    Finding the right face for your brand and promoting it efficiently is essential to your business success. Branding is a constant channel of communication between you and clients, sending a message about who you are and what you stand for. It will ultimately influence the perception clients have of your business. We suggest that you invest in building a strong brand that communicates directly to your target market.There are different channels of branding and it is essential to investigate every opportunity that can create brand awareness and business potential.
  • IT Support

    IT matters are part of everyday life in almost all businesses today. Whether your IT requirements are client communication, e.g. sending emails and invoices, or whether you are in front of your computer the entire day every day, you are bound to need skilled IT assistance.Liquid Edge offers a wide range of products, tools and services that will solve your current IT related problems and aim to prevent future ones. Our team of dedicated IT experts will advise you on the best IT solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on our service excellence. You can always count on friendly and helpful assistance from a Liquid Edge IT expert.
  • Web Design

    Establishing an online presence or an efficient website that works for you is almost non-negotiable in the digitised world we live in. At Liquid Edge we believe in making the design, launch and maintenance of your website as simple and trouble-free as possible.Web development and design is at the core of our services. We combine creative design with the latest web technologies to provide complete web solutions that enhance your business. The Liquid Edge team is dedicated to creating an impressive online identity that sets you apart from your competitors, while you reap the rewards. We do not believe in fitting your business into a mould or selling you a template – we believe in creating a tailor-made website that best represents the heart of your business.
  • Web Hosting

    Before you can start thinking of a flashy website design and inspiring social media campaigns, you first need to find a reliable host for your website and/or email account(s), to make it accessible on the web and to ensure it is well maintained. Not every business has the same hosting needs and there are various factors to take into account when choosing a hosting package.We offer a wide range of packages and will gladly advise on the best option for you. We can also provide you with a customised hosting package if you have special requirements, e.g. particularly large traffic or storage requirements.


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