Life alignment in Cape Town

System of energy healing for treating the root cause of illness by connecting to the Soul's wisdom.
Energy healing system that works at a causal level
  • Energy Healing Course

    Learn the Life Alignment system of energy healing in a series of short modules held in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban throughout the year. Learn how to work with chakras, meridians, and subtlebodies in connection to organs and parts of the body - as well as in synergy with thought-forms and mental/emotional blockages that manifest in the energy field. Learn to muscle test and use apendulum. Learn to connect with your client's higher self for guidance as well as your own. Learn to contain and respond appropriately to common environmental and energetic challenges to wellbeing.Learn how to protect yourself and your clients and create an atmosphere of safety and healing for deep work.
    • Energy Healing Course


Life alignment
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