LED Lighting SA in Cape Town

We design, develop & manufacture LED lighting solutions. Our major industry is signage, cabinets, kitchen lighting, billboards, offices and hotels.Led's are definitely the way of the future.These products are robust, long lasting (last 50 000hrs), versatile, low maintenance, use very little energy, (the most any product uses is low,)and finally the total cost of ownership is certainly significantly lower than the traditional methods of lighting. Our products have been used extensively in a myriad of architectural applications, from down lighters to stairs, to under counter lighting, to colour changing cove illumination, we have come up with solutions for nearly any applications. LED lighting SA's ranges of colour changing products are enhanced with a remote hand held controller which will enable the user to select and store any colour of their choice. Our industrial designers and engineers work with electrical contractors, Architects, Interior Designers,shop fitters and Branding companies to find the best solution for each application.
  • LED Lighting SA

    We design, develop & manufacture LED lights and LED lighting controls such as: led light bulbs, low voltage lighting, halo recessed lighting, landscape lighting, accent lighting, kitchen lighting, led cove lighting, led night light, led strip lights, led array, led panels, led spot light, led downlights, ledline,led neon, blue night light, restaurant lighting, energy efficient lighting, security lighting, emergency lighting, bathroom lighting, exterior lighting, exit signs, flood lights,driveway lighting,medical lamps, club lighting,warning lights, deck lights,floor lamps, rope lights, full spectrum lighting, under cabinet lights, outdoor flood lights, task lighting, garage lighting.


LED Lighting SA

led lighting sa