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Profile of Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd: “Teaching people to change their lives through Laughter Coaching” Hendrik Visser: Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Coach – Teaching member of the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga International .He is a Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd is proudly celebrating its 4th year in business. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd prides itself in being a client-focus company. Honesty and intregrety form the basis of all their dealings and they are commited to provide quality Laughter Coaching workshops, seminars and Corporate training. Our Business philosophy are founded on our passion for people,presenting quality laughter coaching workshops, partnerships with Corporate Wellness programs and Corporate Training. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd were established as a holistic corporate wellness consultantcy company,where we are improving people’s lives through Laughter coaching. We are becoming one of South Africa’s leaders in Laughter Coaching. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd is much more than Laughter Coaching, we are about developing and empowering people with de-stressing and Laughter techniques. We are using unconditional laughter Techniques through a holistic approach to stress-management, Team building with a difference and other innovative Laughter coaching Products that were especially developed for the corporate market. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd has an national clientbase of NPO’s, NGO’s, Government, the Public Sector and Corporates. Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd was started by Founder and director Hendrik Visser. He is also a Social Devolpment Entrepeneur. Profile of Hendrik Visser: Laughter Professor and Coach: Business and Corporate world. Hendrik Visser is a living example of what it means to transform one’s life through laughter. After being introduced to Laughter Coaching and noticing the profound affect that laughter had upon shifting his worldview, Hendrik committed to using Laughter Yoga as a tool for exploring what is possible in life and start living everyday in a Joyful state. He is one of a few laughter professionals in South Africa, who is doing laughter coaching on a full-time basis, and is a Laughter Coach that is changing the future of how the business-world is dealing with stress. Laughter Coaching is a natural and highly effective technique that produces instant results, and will help your organisation, to be more stress-free and to shift paradigms in your workforce. Hendrik works on a holistic fun way with stress, conflict, productivity and leadership skills. He is using laughter exercises, combined with breathing exercises, positive affirmations, childlike – playfulness and gibberish. Hendrik first qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga leader in 2008, and started immediately to work in the corporate world by facilitating Laughter coaching workshops. Having laughed his way through one of life’s major transitions—using laughter for navigating the rocky terrain of divorce. Hendrik has firsthand experience with the powerful effects that laughter can bring to the rich tapestry of life and is now committed to spreading the gift of laughter into the business world. He studied with the Founder of the Laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Madan Kataria and is one of 8 teaching members of the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga International in South Africa. When Hendrik returned from India, he immediately started and concentrated on corporate work. In 2010, Hendrik travelled around Southern Africa, facilitating workshops and CLYL’s training in the Durban area, then he moved to Port Elizabeth and has been instrumental in bringing Laughter Yoga to the Eastern Cape, where he facilitated CLYL’s training and workshops in the corporate world. He moved to Cape Town in the beginning of 2011, after he have seen the need of Corporate Laughter Coaching in the Western Cape. He has built a very successful Laughter Coaching practice in Cape Town and he is always in big demand. He has been in the press in the following newspapers, The Algoa Sun, Career Times Section of the Cape Times and on the Radio on the following Radio-stations like Radio Algoa, Taxi Radio and RSG. Hendrik loves to travel and meeting new people, and has a passion to bring Laughter Coaching to everybody that wants to learn how to laugh without reason and to train people to change their lifestyles regarding stress-management and relationship-building. Hendrik is working fulltime in the corporate world, helping them to break through layers of stress and issues to discover the joy and laughter within themselves. Whether or not laughter comes easily to you, we all hold unconscious limiting beliefs that prevent us from living life to our fullest potential. Hendrik has a gift of helping you to develop awareness of unconscious patterns and to work through them, with the powerful techniques of Laughter Yoga. You will discover the real you in the workshops and also learn more about the other people that’s working with you. You will be having the enjoyment and fun of laughter with Hendrik and learning practical and effective techniques to bring more joy, playfulness, optimism and laughter into your daily life. Introducing Laughter Coaching: “Teaching people to change their lives through Laughter Coaching” Do you want to bring in fun and joy into your corporate team building workshops? Try Laughter Coaching where we laugh without any humour, comedy or jokes. You will learn how to breathe properly, do gentle stretching exercises and breakdown all boundaries with unconditional laughter. After the workshop/s your team will feel energized, positive and very relaxed. Laughter Coaching is being scientific researched by most major Universities around the globe. It is practiced in 65 countries around the world and is non-political and non-religious. Laughter Coaching have a strong anti-depressive effect. In Today’s corporate world, there are Psychological issues that are increasing and are often cited as a reason for absenteeism at work. We know now that stress is causing more than 90% of absenteeism at work. Stress and job burn-out describes total exhaustion and can show itself alongside depression, Anxiety attacks or with various physical symptoms. It gets serious when staff is unable to cope with their everyday life and their own mechanism of dealing with everyday stress. What is Laughter Coaching and the progress of a Laughter Coaching workshop? 1.We laugh without humour, comedy or jokes. 2.We have eye-contact the whole time. 3.We do childlike exercises and release the inner child during the exercises. 4.We do breathing exercises combined with gentle stretching exercises. 5.We do positive affirmations between every exercise. 6.We start with fake laughter, but real laughter quickly develops. 7.We do laughter meditation session where we lie on the floor with lots of real laughter. 8.After the Laughter Meditation session we will have a guided relaxation session where everybody will completely relax! 9.After the guided relaxation we will have a grounding session with the HO, HO, HA, HA Dance. 10. Afterwards we will have a Questions and Answer session. Services of Laughter 4 Executives South Africa (Pty) Ltd: 1.Corporate De-stressing workshops. 2.Ice-breakers for Conferences. 3.Laughter foundation programs for the corporate world. 4.2 Day Certified Laughter Leadership programs for the business and corporate world. 5.Laughter Team Building workshops and seminars. 6.One-on-One Laughter Coaching Programs. 7.Sales Targeting Laughter Coaching Workshops. 8.Conflict Laughter Coaching Workshops. Please contact me for a price-list:


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