LadyRide Activewear in Cape Town

LadyRide Activewear strives to provide ladies with quality, beautiful, modern cycling apparel that is fun, sporty, feminine and tough. We are changing the face of female cycling by starting at the shape and fit design, all the way through color, quality etc. We want ladies to feel confident and fabulous on their bikes. In the second leg of our business we cater for large corporate needs and custom designs for individuals, both male and female.

  • Cycling Workshops

    We present both MTB and Road Cycling workshops on a regular basis for bith mena nd women. We strive to help cyclists to become conficent in their abilites to ride and gain knowledge in everything that goes with it ie nutrition, training, setup etc
  • Custom Cycling Apparel

    Do you want some unique cycling clothing for yourself, your club or your company? We will quote on a how many items you want, and discuss the various options in cut, design and finishing with you to get what you want at a cost effective price.
  • Ladies Cycling Tops

    LadyRide Activewear is all about looking and feeling GREAT when you are cycling. Gone are the days when ladies have to look like they adjusted hubbie’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s shirt and maybe died it pink.Now you can feel like a tough, feminine lady when you ride your bike, spin at the gym or fly down a mountain on your mountain bike!


LadyRide Activewear

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