JOBlife in Cape Town

Finding employment is a job in itself. An unavoidable job which most have to go through. Each recalls fond memories of going through different websites, newspaper classifieds and recruitment agencies in the search for the dream employment. Those days of using multiple sources are of the past now thanks to JOBlife. We have developed a website that allows a well informed user to locate the employment of their choice.

Personal experiences have assisted in developing a website featuring functionality that is vital for the current day job seeker. JOBlife provides the following benefits on each search:


  • A large database which allows users to compare options for the purpose of making a well informed decision.
  • Sorting results according to what is most relevant for the user.
  • Filtering results according to the preferred Contract type.
  • Links to social groups such as twitter and facebook.
  • Articles that assist in securing the perfect employment.
  • Links to sites that build cvs and other Job advertisement sites.


For more information and/or suggestions please email

  • Job Search Engine

    Enter in relevant keywords into the site(, click on the search button to receive a list of jobs fitting your submitted criteria.
  • Job seekers advice

    Email for advice on find the employment of your dreams.



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