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Freelance Web Design/Graphic Design/Music Production/Writer
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    I'm a self-taught webdesigner. I've been involved in web design, development and coding for 7 years now. Over the last few years I have developed a bigger interest in website design & graphics and spent a lot more time perfecting my HTML and CSS skills.I am currently studying my Diploma in Multimedia through Damelin Correspondence. My subjects include: MX Flash, Photoshop cS3, Adobe Premiere, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Fireworx, etc.I am proficient in the following web design applications: Macromedia Homesite, Frontpage, Coffeecup software, Dreamweaver, Reading & editing "raw" HTML/CSS code in Notepad, FTP software.My webdesign links: www.visionmagazine.co.zawww.dynisty.co.zawww.hopeofafrica.co.zawww.jarrod.co.za


Jarrod's Online Portfolio

website design