INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours in Cape Town

Expertly led and passionately constructed, our tours aim to deliver the wildlife holiday of your dreams. Our diverse tour portfolio is designed to offer you a suite of incredible journeys be it searching for Jaguar in verdant corners of the Pantanal in Brazil, tracking wild Giant Pandas in China or enjoying a bounty of whales and dolphins in the turquoise waters of the Maldives... Most of our tours are designed to fully experience a main target mammal be it Snow Leopard, Mountain or Lowland Gorilla, Blue Whale, Polar Bear, Bengal Tiger etc but we will certainly not ignore the other mammals that occur in the prime regions that we have selected for our tours. Furthermore we will also make efforts to enjoy key birds, reptiles, amphibians, botanic highlights and of course cultural and historical attractions. Our Indri tour leaders are incredibly experienced and well versed in all aspects of natural history and under their expert guidance, our tours are sure to be your ultimate wildlife travel experiences.

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    We run tours to a myriad of exotic destinations in search of the most Iconic animal species known to man.


INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours

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