Ibija Import and Export in Cape Town

We are an import and export company

We look for buyers globally of products which we have for sale, as well for products globally for clients in need of them. We are also agents that do the clearing of products at customs

  • importing and exporting

    Ibija import and export services, provide 2 major services:1- Help with clearing of goods at customs2- Sourcing of suppliers and buyers globally.We have the following products for sale or to export: wine ,laptops-new as well as refurbished, organic tea,fruit juice,ladies cycle wear, laptop stand for better/easier ergonomic use and candy floss. Our speciality lies in the perseverance of sourcing what the client needs.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.Kind regards,Hanlie Jouberthanlie@ibija.co.za


Ibija Import and Export

importing and exporting