HvdH Machine Design in Cape Town

Hans von der Heyde is an industrial engineering company. Machine design and tool making are our primary offerings. We design and manufacture custom machines and tools for a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries and are also the primary distributor of ALKOR aluminum profiles in South Africa.

  • Industrial Machines

    HVDH offers a range of industrial machines for companies in the plastic production industry.These include mechanical cutting machines, laser cutting machines, punching machines, laser printing machines, coiling machines and auxiliary extrusion equipment.

  • Machine Design

    HVDH design and manufacture industrial machines geared at transforming the production process into a fast, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing stream. Contact Hans Von Der Heyde today for further details.

  • Tool Making

    HVDH's toolmaking service incorporates design, development and production of technologically advanced tools such as plastic extrusion tools, injection moulding tools, mechanical punch tools, patern making, guides and jigs and tooling repairs and maintenance. Contact Hans Von Der Heyde now for further details.

  • Machining

    Hans Von Der Heyde offer high precision machining services which include both CNC machining and conventional milling and turning. Contact HVDH now for further details on our machining services.

  • Aluminium Profiles

    HVDH are suppliers of the ALKOR range of interlocking aluminium profiles which have diverse industrial engineering applications. Contact HVDH now for further details.


HvdH Machine Design
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