House of Arts in Cape Town

We provide a wide variety of products for the artist and crafter ranging from oils, acrylics, canvasses, fabric paints, pastels, pewter, patina, mosaics, decoupage mediums and blanks and so much more. Workshops are offered in texture painting, mosaics, pewter and cardmaking.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Find all your oils, acrylics, fabric paints, canvasses, decoupage mediums and blanks
  • Mosaics

    A wide variety of mosaics, mosaic blanks, tile cutters, inserts and grout as well as workshops in mosaics.
  • Pewter

    Enhance your artwork with pewter inserts or decorate boxes and decoupage blanks with your own designs.
  • Fabric Painting

    Lots of colours to choose from as well as kits for both kids and adults.
  • Canvas

    Select the right size of canvas for your masterpiece. Ready stretched canvasses and panels or order your artist quality canvas in any size.
  • Oils

    Find oils in a variety of makes from Winsor & Newton, Georgian, Louvre, Zellen and Dala
  • Acrylics

    Select from the following makes, Galeria, System 3, Zeclryl, Americana, Schubart, Heritage and Dala
  • Pastels

    Both oil and chalk pastels available as well as a wide range of pastel papers.
  • Watercolours

    Choose from Cotmans tubes or a set of watercolour from Reeves or Prime Art. Kiddies watercolour sets also available.
  • Drawing Inks

    A range of waterbased inks from Dala and FW Inks
  • Decoupage

    Find a variety of blanks, papers, crazy cracks, antique cracks and varnishes to enhance your decoupage project.
  • Serviettes

    Lovely serviette patterns available for your decoupage projects.
  • Palettes

    Different size plastic palettes available
  • Palette Knives

    9 different sizes to choose from as well as a set of 5 plastic palette knives.
  • Patio Paints

    Colours available to paint your own unique and decorative flower pots which can be used both inside and out.
  • Glitters

    Glitter paints and glitter liners are available as well as loose glitter which is excellent for cardmaking and school projects.
  • Rubber Stamps

    Beautiful variety of rubber stamps are available for cardmaking and scrapbooking.
  • Cardmaking

    We offer workshops in cardmaking on a regular basis with all that is needed to complete your card from papers, stamps, liners and ribbons.
  • Glass Stains

    Glass stains are available for window and glass projects as well as using on your canvas project.


House of Arts

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