Hospital and Laboratory Solutions in Cape Town

Supply, Servicing and Installation of Biohazard Safety Cabinets. Supply and Installation of Laboratory equipment and furniture. Below please find a summary of the Services provided by HLS: BIOHAZARDSAFETY CABINETS, LAMINAR FLOW AND FUME CABINETS * Sales of New Cabinets(Class I,II) * New installations and validations * DOP Test * Airlflow Reading * Noise Level Test * Lighting Intensity Test *Humidity Test Portable Fume Cabinets Extraction Fume Cabinets Laminar Flow Systems and Theatres * Relocation of Cabinets * Replacement of Filters * Compliance Reports
Been in the industry for over 13 years - experts in the installation and servicing of Biohazard Safety cabinets
  • Biohazard Safety Cabinets

    BIOHAZARD SAFETY CABINETS, LAMINAR FLOW AND FUME CABINETS Sales of New Cabinets(Class I,II), New installations and validations, DOP Test, Airflow Reading, Noise Level Test, Lighting Intensity Test,Humidity Test, Portable Fume Cabinets, Extraction Fume Cabinets, Laminar Flow Systems and Theatres, Relocation of Cabinets, Replacement of Filters, Compliance Reports
  • Laboratory Equipment

    SALES OF LABORATORY/HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT AND FURNITUREConsumables, Filtrationware, Glassware, Hardware, PlasticwareInstruments, Pipettes, Scales, Trolleys, etcLaboratory Furniture, Ultraflow Dead Boxes, Laboratory Taps/Services, Pathology Downflow Benches, Test Equipment, Autopsy Benches, Pathology Downflow Benches
  • Servicing and calibration of equipment (SANAS Accrediated Dealer)

    Autoclaves, Pipettes, Waterbaths, Etc
  • Ad Hoc Services

    Relocation of Lab Equipment, Relocation of Cabinets, Custom-made Fume Cabinets, Repairs to Cabinets and work surfaces, Custom-made polypropelene basins, · Filtration systems, Positive Pressure Units, Repairs and sales for lighting (UV lights etc), Modification of Cabinets, Air Extraction Systems


Hospital and Laboratory Solutions
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