HeyJen in Cape Town

We offer affordable, simple and practical online communication services to NGOs, small businesses and start-ups. Our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of your organisation and budget.
Online communication services
  • Online strategy

    HeyJen will draw up an online communications strategy geared towards helping you achieve your organisational goals and objectives.
  • Web

    As the core of your online communications, your website needs to reflect your brand and organisational goals. A website assessment will highlight any potential gaps and opportunities for growth andexpansion online.
  • Social media

    Social media can be a brilliant tool to connect with your key audience on a more personal level.
  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation and its various methods are extremely useful tools. Optimising your website and online portals for web search engines, making sure your website is highly ranked searchengines.
  • Training and development

    Once an amazing online communications strategy has been drawn up and planning around it has taken place - the day to day work on it starts. This can either be done by HeyJen, or members of your teamcan be trained on how to tackle and sustain an online presence.
  • Online community management

    Actively working to build, grow and manage your online communities around your business. This means ensuring that these communities serve your brand, underlying purpose and vision.
  • Ongoing maintenance

    After any development has taken place, it is then equally important to maintain all online portals, keep the updated and relevant.
  • Newletters and mailers

    A great newsletter or mailer can work wonders with directing traffic to your website or it can be spammy and annoying. Here at HeyJen, we know the difference.
  • Interim solutions

    HeyJen can assist with any planned or unplanned short-term staffing needs in the event of absences, sick-leave, resignations and the like.


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