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WE TELL YOU WHERE THE BEST SPECIALS ARE We do not get involved in the actual transaction process. Rather we just let you know exactly which retailer you should visit to get what you are looking for.INTERACTIVE SPECIALS We make this information available in an interactive form for you on the website. You can search for products by type and supplier. You can also be heard by leaving feedback onspecific deals currently on offer by suppliers. SPECIALS BY LOCATION The website automatically determines your location and only shows deals within a certain radius. This way, we ensure that you onlysee specials where there is retail presence nearby you. EMAIL ALERTS Receive an email when a products price drops. Want to monitor types of products over a time period before buying? Suppose you andyour partner decide a new LCD TV will be a great addition to your home in the near future. We allow you to add a customised email alert to the category (with your attributes selected of course, e.g.size). Depending on your alert requirements (weekly, monthly, when new products are added) you will receive email alerts with specials available from all the different suppliers. When you see aspecial that matches your needs you will be able to see exactly where you should go to get the product. WHY DO YOU NEED THIS? To save you time and money. PRODUCT REVIEWS Start or join discussionswith other Guzzle shoppers about which deals are best.
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    Guzzle captures specials from all newspapers and catalogues of many major retailers in South Africa. We want to provide consumers with an easier way of searching for specials on things like major appliances and groceries. We only show items that are on Promotion, with a start and end date, we are not general price aggregators.View all of SA's newspaper and catalogue specials in one easy place. All SA's major retailers. Add alerts and let us keep you up to date with the latest specials!