Graffo in Cape Town

Graffo provides innovative solutions of high quality design and drafting to clients in the telecommunications industry. Graffo endeavours to provide a high quality and efficient service to its customers, while minimizing aesthetic and biological impact to the environment. The principles of sustainable development are embraced, with an emphasis on the use of renewable resources. Associated environmental impacts are closely monitored and controlled.

  • Equipment enclosures

    Graffo has developed a range of equipment container which meets most of the requirements from our existing clients, but has the ability to re-design it to accommodate any changes required. With the endless growth of the wireless industry, we saw the need for a much more compact unit seeing that space became more and more of an issue. With this in mind we have developed an equipment cabinet, that is modular, with a very small foot print, and also space for upgrading.
    • Equipment enclosures
    • Equipment enclosures
    • Equipment enclosures
  • Internal equipment infrastructure

    There has been an ever growing need to adapt client hardware so that it could be installed and used with standard equipment housings etc.. We have been involved in designing and supplying stands, brackets etc. to use the space inside the equipment enclosures as good as possible with out interfering with the supplied specification of the client.
  • iBurst

    Graffo specially designed a number of products for one of our clients, iBurst, for most of their needs. iBurst needed products that can suit most of the environments and if not, Graffo designed an upgraded products so that it can be used for the special need according to the situation.
  • Mechanical design

    Graffo has an in-house design centre focusing its work and 3D modular design capabilities to the clients specific needs. With its extensive experience in wireless infrastructure design and manufacturing, it has brought many new products to the market that only enhances the clients capabilities and service. Graffo prides itself on the ability to grasp the clients needs and provide them with a product that far exceeds there requirements. Making use of the latest technology, we can at all time deliver a product that will fulfill any clients needs.



equipment enclosures internal equipment infrastructure iburst mechanical design