GOLFinSOUTHAFRICA in Cape Town is a website dedicated to providing information about the sport to the public. This website contains information relating to "Latest News", places of accommodation, restaurants, information blogs and Golf Tours to South Africa booked from anywhere in the world. Advertisers have to the opportunity to reach this lucritive market through static ads and links.

  • Golf courses

    Search the interactive map to find all the courses closest to you with additional information regarding the course.
    • Golf courses
    • Golf courses
    • Golf courses
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    From golfing tours and information about golf development in South Africa, we provide it all in a fast and easy way.
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    Receive up to date information about golfing events happening around the country.
  • Golf magazine

    Universal Golf Magazine is a free web-based flipbook golf publication. It contains both awesome international golf content and videos within the actual mag and its completely free.



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