Globa in Cape Town

Globa offers retailers and Vendor a new and flexible payment solution that enables them to accept payments from consumers using mobile phones to purchase goods and services anywhere, anytime.
  • Mobile Payments

    Turn your mobile phone into a point-of-sale device to accept payments from your customers, anywhere at any time.
  • Website payments

    Integrate Globa into your website and turn any website into an E-commerce website.
  • Mobile Commerce

    Integrate Globa into your WAP site or Mobile Phone Application to accept Credit Card payments from your application.
  • E-Invoicing

    Globa's E-Invoice is the fast, easy, FREE way to Get Paid. Create customized, professional invoices and send them by email or to your client's mobile device. Save time by tracking overdue payments and invoice status - all in one place.
  • Bulk Payments

    Globa offers a comprehensive payout service for small scale entrepreneurs, roadside vendors and small to medium size venders looking for an easy to use but comprehensive ways for paying their sales force, contractors, suppliers and business bills. Our payout services can be used according to your needs to service your payout's to anyone you owe money to or spend money with.



mobile payments website payments mobile commerce e-invoicing bulk payments