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Hurry Before Its Too late!! Apply now to qualify for the special financial criteria. WHAT MAKES Malaysia Attractive as Your Migration Destination? ? English is widely used so there is no language barrier. Malaysia is a melting pot of people with different cultures and nationalities, living harmoniously together ? Low density living, with a population of only 28.9 million people of3 main races, Malay, Chinese and Indian ? Freedom of religion ? Affordable country to live in, with reasonable property prices ? Politically stable with liberal government policies ? Foreigners can have 100% ownership of their businesses ? Ever-growing economy, full of promise of many opportunities ? Good infrastructure with facilities, highways, trains and airports ? Good medical facilities with affordable prices ? Malaysia is Asia's education hub, where you can attend many internationally recognized courses at very affordable prices ? Malaysia is a peaceful country, safe from natural disasters such as, earthquake, tsunami and volcanoes ? Malaysia is a gateway to the world, allowing easy connectivity and travel with manybudget airlines available. The budget airlines include, Air Asia, JetStar and FireFly. ? Malaysia ranked 11th for the Global Peace Index for 2010 Why is the Malaysia My Second Home Program So Special? ? The MM2H pass is renewable after every 10 years, allowing multiple entries to Malaysia. Indefiniteextensions are allowed, as long as you do not violate the Malaysian law or perform illegal activities. ? MM2H approval processing time takes 30 to 45 days only! ? MM2H holders are not restricted by a minimum stay requirement throughout the 10 years, to eligible for renewal for the next 10 years. ? Immediate family members can apply together. Even children (below the age of 21) are eligible to apply together. ? Children under the MM2H pass can study in schools and colleges without needing to apply for a yearly Student Visa. ? Parents above the age of 60 can also be included in the application. ? Tax-free car incentive- you can either import or buy car in Malaysia. ? Maid incentive- you are allowed to bring a maid from your own country. ? Property incentive - you are allowed to purchase unlimited properties with a minimum price MYR500,000 per unit. ? Most MM2H holders are able to get housing loan and car loan from Malaysia bankers. ? MM2H holders above 50 years of age,are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Apply now before the Malaysian Government raises the financial criteria from RM 500k to RM 2 Million!!!! which could happen any day now. For further information: Complete Point (MM2H) Sdn Bhd.. established since 1994 (MM2H License No MM2H 006) Unit 07-09 Level 7 Plaza 138, No 138 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (Same building as Maya Hotel, next to British Council, opposite KLCC) Contact: Wan Omar Khan- International Partner- (Africa) Fax:086 573 3916 (SA)

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    • Malaysia My Second Home Program


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