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G Web Design is a web design Cape Town company, however we serve clients throughout South Africa. We create websites for startups, small and medium sized businesses. At G Web Design we believe thatevery business needs a voice to tell the world what they are all about.
Affordable Business Websites
  • Web Design

    We create a website with SEO in mind and obsess about good quality and relevant content for your online presence. This is to ensure that your visitors and clients have a pleasant experience whenviewing your website. We ensure that your website is functional, that the design is something that you like and most importantly what your clients will like. In addition to this you have the optionof having your own website builder which will allow you to increase your own content using a Content Management System (CMS) and continue to create value for your clients and your business. Don'tworry about training we go into this in a little more detail below, you do not have to know anything about web development or take web design courses.
  • eCommerce Website

    E-Commerce refers to being able to do actual transactions on the Internet, whether it be for a service, physical product even digital downloads. Your website is now an only online shop where clientsbuy your products or services from their couches, offices or anywhere. You are really able to expand your business in a massive way, think of it like a secret sales tool that is always ready toserve, 24 hours a day and never gets tired. Increasing your revenue and has the potential to decrease your cost to serve clients. More and more people are using digital channels to acquire what theywant, are you and your website ready for them?
  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of constantly optimizing the content of your website pages in order to organically (without using paid ads) increase its ranking in search engineslike Google, Bing, etc. The purpose being to come up on the first pages of search engines to be seen by your targeted potential clients with the objective of converting them to actual clients. SearchEngine Optimization is an ongoing process and does not happen overnight, it depends on quality and relevant content being published.
  • Website Maintenance

    If your website is going to need updating of content on a regular basis and you do not have the time, speak to us about monthly maintenance. Once your website is live it is very important to keep itmaintained like all good things in life. It is affordable and requests are actioned within a 48 hour time frame. Our maintenance plans include: Updating of content Backup of your site data Whensecurity updates are made to your CMS we will manage and update it for you to ensure that everything runs smoothly Traffic Report Checking website performance


G Web Design
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