Formula D Interactive in Cape Town

Formula D Interactive is a specialized design consultancy focusing on the design and production of interactive learning tools for corporate, school, science centre, and museum environments deploying cutting edge media technology. Our applications include interactive online or intranet courses, e-learning applications, induction programs, product tutorials, and interactive educational games. Our innovative multimedia productions are designed for the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, DVD and cell phone as well as for touch screens, interactive tables, interactive floors and giant touch screen walls. For corporate expos, public and commercial spaces, museums and science centres we design exhibits that explain the most complex products and procedures in simple terms engaging the audience in hands-on learning experiences through physical (tangible) interaction.

  • Design of E-Learning courses

    Formula D Interactive designs effective multimedia for learning that combines different media formats and technologies in well reasoned ways taking advantage of each medium's unique characteristics.E-learning courses may run on the internet, corporate intranets, CD-ROM, DVD or cell phones, depending on the distribution channel most suitable for the target group.
  • Design of Educational Games

    Formula D Interactive utilizes multimedia games for educational content, thus facilitating youth culture for the benefit of education. Educational games add fun and playful competition to any matter that needs to be communicated. Game applications can be designed for various formats, such as internet, CD-ROM, DVD, cell phones, touch screen kiosks or large scale interactive projections and educational exhibitions.
  • Design of educational displays

    A specialty of Formula D Interactive is to conceptualize and design educational displays that combine physical interaction with digital multimedia content through body movement, tactile interfaces and sensor technology.Our displays and exhibits communicate the most complex matter in simple terms ensuring a great learning outcome with a big portion of fun.
  • Design of multi-user touch walls

    Formula D's Interactive Touch Walls transform entire walls into massive touch screens providing users easy access to information at their fingertips. A single touch screen at wall size would be impractical and unnecessary. State-of-the-art multi-touch technology lets users interact with multimedia content using natural gestures, grabbing, stretching, swiveling and sliding virtual objects across the screen with one or both hands.
  • Design of interactive floor projection systems

    The Formula D Interactive Floor Projection system is an innovative way to convert unutilised floor space into a compelling and attractive interactive display. The system is easily installed in either a permanent or portable way. Traditional advertising media is passive, relying on the user’s interest and attention span to be effective. The Interactive Floor Projection grabs the user’s attention by introducing an element of fun and interactivity, allowing users to kick a projected soccr ball or walk through water.
  • Design of multi-touch tables

    The Formula D multi-touch table is a rear projected monitor deploying multi-touch technology (multiple users/hands/fingers can interact at the same time). Two lockable maintenance doors give access to computer and projector. Colours can be customized to match brand or overall look of an exhibition. The design of the table allows for branding (vinyl stickers) on the side.


Formula D Interactive

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