Flow Interactive in Cape Town

Usability. User experience design. Customer experience design.

We help organisations deliver...

  • Usability for their software, websites and mobile applications
  • Better customer experiences via your call centre, website or retail channels

You get...

  • increased revenues,
  • improved customer loyalty,
  • a stronger brand,
  • low customer churn and
  • a competitive edge.

We offer...

  • usability testing,
  • usability consulting,
  • interaction design,
  • ethnographic research,
  • training,
  • and more...

Our clients include...

  • Metropolitan
  • University of Stellenbosch Business School
  • EMSS consulting
  • Global Vision
  • MDIO Software
  • Smartguides
  • Usability testing

    To make your application or website easier to use, we find real consumers and watch them as they try to use it. We record everything on digital video, and present results and recommendations.Results: increased conversion/sales, loyal customers.
  • Interaction design

    We design interactive products with great usability. We use principles from psychology, design and software engineering, and make quick, cheap prototypes for usability testing. The results of the testing help us improve the design further.The result: increased conversion/sales, loyal customers.


Flow Interactive

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