Fireblade Publishers in Cape Town

Our self-publishing author services include a detailed novel critique, a professional edit and/or proofread, book cover design, author websites and book marketing, and our partner companies offer top quality manuscript formatting, layout and audio books, amongst other services. As a gift to you to lessen your financial costs when publishing, we provide myriad DIY guides and author resources, many of them for free, to assist you in various aspects of the publishing process, and have others on sale at affordable prices.

  • Novel edits

    To request a novel edit, please send us your total word count and a 3-page sample from the novel. (We charge less for light edits.) Competitive rates.

  • Novel proofreading

    We proofread novels that have already been edited, at affordable rates. For a free quote, send us a 3-page sample of your manuscript.

  • Novel critique

    We provide in-depth novel critique that includes, but isn't necessarily limited to, opening line and paragraph, the story's ending, character and plot development, plot holes, consistency, logic issues, overall structure, setting, viewpoint, theme and other suggestions for improvement.


Fireblade Publishers
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