eType in Cape Town

eType is an Online and Mobile Media Sales House with offices in the UK, Germany, Ireland, USA and South Africa. The company has been in operation in the online media market since 1999 when it came to life as the Online arm of Media Initiatives Group in London. Our products: (All geo-targeted by country, so SA traffic only) Premium Network: Our premium network consists of a small number of Premium Sites. We sell onto these sites on a site specific basis. These are generally large brand sites that we work with on an exclusive basis. (These include,,, and All RockYou Applications on Facebook) Our Premium Network is typically for clients wanting to do site specific branding campaigns. Online Performance Network On this network we sell campaigns purely on a channel basis and cannot do site specific campaigns. We have hundreds of sites in the network (including some Face Book and My Space media). The network is results driven and we offer cpc, cpm and cpa with strong optimisation and re-messaging options. The network is typically for clients wanting to drive traffic to their sites and looking for good ROI. Mobile Performance Network We have a solid partnership with a large number of WAP sites boasting millions of page views per month. We have fantastic targeting capabilities as well as a comprehensive optimisation, tracking and reporting system. We offer CPC and CPM. We also offer highly targeted mobile SMS/MMS campaigns. This solution is very cost effective and always see’s excellent ROI. We have access to approximately 5 million opt-in records which are all demographically targeted by age, gender, Provence, City, Town, Suburb and LSM. All messages broadcast are WAPSA and DMA compliant. Video Network We sell Video Overlays (small ads that appears over the video content) pre-rolls (ads running before the video start) as well as Expandable Video Banners (Banner ads that expands and launch a video). The Sites that we represent includes and we also do viral video campaigns on Facebook.