eNetworks in cape town

eNetworks, established in 1999, is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. We offer high uptime, managed leased line services as well as ADSL, webhosting and Joomla web development. Our speciality is dealing with eMail. State of the art virus and spam scanning ensures you only get the mail you want. Service is just a call away. No scary call centres and voice-mail jungles to deal with!

  • Leased Lines

    Point to point managed diginet access ensures high uptime of your Internet services. Ideal for companies who need always up Internet and reliable email delivery. Speeds from 64K to 2Mb/s
  • ADSL

    Unmanaged internet access over the ADSL network. Speeds from 384K to 4Mb/s. We convert your phone line to adsl no need to talk to Telkom!
  • Web Hosting

    Hosting of Websites, Linux, Windows. Mysql, Stats. Joomla ready. From R85 per month.
  • Web Development

    Joomla! CMS websites developed. They allow you to manage the site once it is written, no more calls and costs assocated with small changes. Full database driven sites.
  • 3G Internet Access

    Consolidate all your company 3G acounts and save. Manage usage and pool account data though a single, simple to use interface. Data charges only 80c per megabyte.
  • Firewalls

    We are the agents for the GTA range of firewalls. Contact us for more information. Lots of features very good pricing. Fully certified firewall. Read more at http://www.gta-firewalls.co.za



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