Dynaminds in Cape Town

Coaxing Brilliance

The Dynaminds approach to strategy is based on the work of Clem Sunter and Chantell Ilbury who are closely affliated with Dynaminds.

The difference between a facilitator and a consultant is that the former is there to extract brilliance from the minds of the participants who make up the session, whereas the latter is there to provide original ideas that may not have occurred to the participants themselves. Self-revelations generally have a much greater chance of changing people's minds than external ideas.

As leaders in dynamic intelligence, Dynaminds finds a mix which provides that most valuable balance.

  • Strategy Facilitation

    It is important that organisations at minimum define a single interpretation of the word Strategy for themselves and then define the strategy according to that as well as the processes they go through. Dynaminds helps organisations do this and facilitates the rollout using an inclusive conversation style approach.
    • Strategy Facilitation
    • Strategy Facilitation
    • Strategy Facilitation
  • Managing Uncerntainties

    Strategy sets direction which sets objectives, only once objectives are clearly articulated with measures, can one associate the uncertainties which can help or hinder achieving these objectives and thus the appropriate controls that perform the management. Dynaminds has a tailored conversation model to assist organisations in understanding and managing their future uncertainties. This process also provides a view of the interdependencies within the organisation and a rev counter of Strengths and Weaknesses.



strategy facilitation managing uncerntainties