Doctor Concrete in Cape Town

We specialize in interior and exterior concrete applications. We do pattern imprinted concrete, floor screeds, chemical coatings, concrete repairs and waterproofing in the greater Cape Town area. Contact us for an obligation free quote.
  • Imprinted Concrete

    Printed concrete or pattern imprinted concrete is a highly innovative method of stamping the surface of freshly poured ready mixed concrete to simulate the look of cobbles, brick, slate, tile and stone.
    • Imprinted Concrete
    • Imprinted Concrete
    • Imprinted Concrete
  • Floor Screeds

    A Floor Screed is cement chis, arylic or epoxy based layer that decorates your floor. Screeds are availible in different styles and colours.
  • Concrete Repairs

    We repair an array of concrete faults. When a fault is irrepairable we aesthetically camoflage it. We repair structural cracks, cracks formed due to isothermic upliftment and expansion cracks.
  • Waterproofing

    We waterproof all our products to reduce envirmental degradation as well as providing a waterproofing service to clients.


Doctor Concrete

imprinted concrete floor screeds concrete repairs waterproofing