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Who is DigiWorks?

DigiWorks is a dynamic company with a commitment to service excellence.  On the cutting edge of technology, maintaining key personnel with over ten years experience in the industry, DigiWorks guarantees innovative, specialised Internet solutions and usable Internet systems to corporate, small and medium sized businesses and individuals.

We, as a company, are focused on keeping one step ahead while still ensuring individualised service and attention.

How can we be of service to you?

Domain name registration

Registering a Domain is the first exciting step to marketing yourself or your business on the World Wide Web.  It has been our experience that individuals prefer domain names identical to their personal name and businesses to that of the name of their company (e.g. www.yourcompanyname.com).

In order to register your domain name exactly as you desire, it is vital that you register your domain name without further delay, before someone else uses your name.  The World Wide Web will register any name that is submitted as long as it is not being used already.  In other words, anybody can use your personal and business name if it has not been registered already.

Web Design

Our design team enable you to present yourself professionally, effectively and uniquely, whether it is your creative spirit or existing brochures; scanned photographs & printed images that are utilized to design your website

We have helped many companies utilise and maximise their full potential globally by having a well designed website.  Digiweb will analyse your business and personal objectives to provide you with an effective Internet based solution, whether it be a one page web site or meeting the requirements of corporates.  Digiweb enables companies to conduct reliable business to business commerce electronically which results in cost savings, reliability, security and speed of executing orders


The key to Internet success is:

Ø  the quality and reliability of the technology of the company that hosts  your company and personal data;

Ø  The speed at which your clients are able to access that data.

Digiworks Hosting offers unparalleled access and line speed via the Digiworks infrastructure, coupled with in-house expertise, which enables us to provide reliability which affords you the peace of mind you deserve.


Digiworks will set up your e-mail service, ensuring that all staff receives personalized e-mail addresses.  This will enable you to benefit from today's most efficient and reliable form of inter-office, local and international communication.  In addition, Digiworks can also train your staff to become completely Internet proficient.  The Internet is uncharted business territory – to use it to its full potential, users have to learn how to navigate.

Today, online commercial transacting has become acceptable business practice.  The safety of company data and implementation of a security strategy is therefore vital to allay user’s fears of breaches of security.  Digiworks can put into place measures that stonewall threats from within and out an organisation, and can provide a secure environment in which business can operate.  In this way, sensitive company data will be protected and e-commerce transactions will not be compromised.

Web site promotions

The continuous marketing of your business is imperative, not only to remain ahead of your competition, but to expand into new markets locally and overseas.  The Internet provides businesses with an extremely cost effect and effortless method of national and international marketing.  This is only achieved by the effective promotion of your web site.

Digiworks offers companies endless opportunities by promoting your web site on an on-going basis, making sure, that when potential customers search the web, your web site is one of the easiest to find.

Customer service

Each staff member at Digiworks is committed to service excellence, thus creating a professional, efficient and yet personalised experience for all Digiworks clients when liaising with any one of our staff members.  Currently, all ongoing servicing of existing clients is done telephonically, or via email.

In conclusion, DigiWorks is well positioned to advise you on all aspects and applications associated with Internet technology.  Our skills include strategy recommendation, network planning, system development, implementation, project management and auditing.  DigiWorks commitment to customer service means that assistance is only a telephone call away.



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