DEMCifilter SA in Cape Town

It was established in a survey that more than 70% of all computer hardware maintenance callouts are dust and dirt related.See We at DEMCifilter SA Pty(Ltd) have,over the last two years, developed,tested and patented a re-useable Computer Dust Filter called DEMCiflex. This filter fits on any case and keeps dust out of all your electronic equipment and thereby extending and improving the lifespan and performance of your computer without affecting the cooling negatively. In fact, over time your machines will run at more even tempratures as dust cannot clog the cooling system.All of this is done without the need for any glue,screws or tools. These filters has a low profile and fit on the outside of your computer case and can be branded with your company's colors,logos and contact details.It also has a green footprint by making your PC more energy efficient.We are Cape Town based and you will find our website at


DEMCifilter SA