Danie Nel Photography cc in Cape Town

We specialize in commercial photography, covering fields like publishing, advertising, PR/publicity. In these fields subject varies from food, people, interiors, products, studio, corporate events to stock images, wine, landscape, industrial and decor, but not fashion. We also do weddings, specializing in 'tourist' weddings.Our studio is equipped for food, products, people etc.
  • Photography

    Commercial photography of people, places, things, events in hi-end digital format, on location or in studio.
  • Stock images

    Royalty free stock imagery, available for immediate download after payment was received, via automated credit card system. Also available by order and invoice. Images varies from landscapes, South African people, to fruit and vegetables.
  • Canvas printing

    Your images, or one of my selections, tastefully printed on a selection of satin or canvas finish fabric, stretch mounted. Perfect for home, or office decor.


Danie Nel Photography cc

photography stock images canvas printing